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Baby Don't Cut Hoodie ♥

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White baby don't cut hoodie ♥

This is my favorite sweatshirt ever. It's so comfortable, soft on the inside, and it's already preshrunk for you!

Self harm is never the answer to what you're feeling inside. I designed this hoodie to remind everyone that their skin is beautiful and should never be harmed by force. Your body fights so hard to take good care of you, please learn to love it. When you want to hurt yourself, draw instead, or do something positively interactive to keep your hands busy. I promise that you're beautiful. I wish I could hug you.

Available in multiple sizes:

small, medium, large, extra large, and 2xl ♥


50% cotton 50% polyester

Wash/Care Instructions:

You'll want to turn your hoodie inside out before washing to help preserve your hoodie longer. Always wash in COLD water only and pour your detergent into the water before placing your hoodie inside your washing machine. Never use bleach or bleach alternative detergents because it could mess up the image and cause discoloration. Remove the garment promptly from the washer and always dry on the lowest setting, tumble dry low, or hang it up to dry. If you want to take extra care, you can dry clean your hoodie, but it's not required.

In case you were wondering, I'm wearing a size medium in the photos (I like my hoodies comfortably larger on my body). The image on my hoodie, is also the tattoo on my left thigh, just not in color. I also want to give a huge thank you to Corrin @corrin_harrison_ for helping me with the drawing of this piece. The idea was mine, but she helped so much by drawing my thoughts out :) and yes, BMike's song baby don't cut inspired me as well.♥

love you always.
Baby Don't Cut Hoodie ♥ - Underlying Beauty - 2
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